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Monday, December 19, 2011

Escape Aspired ............ !

Been long that I had been planning for a holiday and finally made it.

The most difficult thing to plan is where to go...not so easy to pick a place. Being a Club Mahindra member I know I need to plan much in advance. Last minute trips are kinda difficult with them. So there I started to plan a little differently this time.

Since a while I had the urge to visit Golden Temple and thats when it struck me why not plan going there. Weather would be awesome and a beautiful place to visit and feel blessed.

While I was planning up for that a thought came to my mind, now that I am going up so far already why not add a few more places to the trip..so eventually a trip for just 3 days landed up being for 9 days :-)

It was so much fun planning for this trip, as I saw to it that I do have a few train travels, as its been like years I would have traveled long distance in train. A few things I kept in mind while I picked the places to visit were :

Train travel
Adventure Sport
No mobile connectivity (at least for a day)

And believe me..I got it all :) 

Spiritual - Golden Temple and Haridwar
Train Travel - Did 3 long distance train journey
Adventure Sport - Managed to do River Rafting
Camping - Jawarna Near Dhanulti
Scenic - All the places
No mobile connectivity - Yes managed in Jawarna while camping ( no connectivity for 24 hours)

Not getting much in to detail here is my trip itinerary -

Started my trip on Dec 2 - Flew in to Delhi
Dec 3  - Took a morning Shatabdi train to Amritsar (arrived at 2 pm)- Spent the day in Amritsar
Dec 4 - Late night train to Haridwar ( arrived at 8 am ) - Spent the day in Amritsar
Dec 5 & 6 - Haridwar & Rishikesh
Dec 6 - Evening left for a small hill station called Chamba in a car we hired (2 hours drive from Rishikesh)
Dec 7 -  Left in noon for Jawarna which is near Dhanulti (2 hours drive from Chamba)
Dec 8 - Left in noon for Mussoorie. (1 hour drive from Jawarna)
Dec 9 - Left in noon for Dehradhun (  1 hour drive from Mussoorie) & boarded a late night train to Delhi
Dec 10  - Arrived Delhi at morning 6 am. Day well spent in Delhi and trip ends with a late night flight back home

And the trip ends :(

Well next few posts am gonna write about each place I have been and all the things I did :-)

Stay glued :D


Anonymous said...

sigh.. Can I come along next time ...
.we all need to vacation a way from the hectic we put with in out lifes..

Anonymous said...

Am more interested in the aage ke posts.. :P
Likho jaldi. :P

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Anonymous said...
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