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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Alluring Kumbhalgarh .....

I always wanted to experience Udaipur and its palaces. Finally sometime last October made a plan with my family to Kumbhalgarh...a very much untouched place. Its most famous for its Fort which streches across 36 kms of the Aravali Mountains and 1100m above sea level. The wall is 2nd biggest wall in the world after The Great Wall of China ( am sure most of us dint knew this ).

Well we started this journey by taking a flight to Udaipur..which is 2 hours drive from Kumbhalgarh. We had booked our stay in the Club Mahindra Kumbhalgarh resort.  As always I love taking snaps of sky while I fly. 

 Loved the drive from Udaipur airport to the resort. We drive by the so called Aravali Mountains. 

The resort was amazing one. Not as big as the Goa one..but still enough to keep me busy with my camera :)

We had booked up in tents. The only Club Mah resort which gives the tent experience. It was one of its kind. 


View from the resort is amazing. Surrounded by mountains..The day we reached..we just lazed around. Did nothing just explored the place to its best and enjoyed the amazing food in the resort. The next day we planned to visit the Fort. The best time to go to the fort is evening as they light up the fort walls. It was so beautiful..words are less to describe them...


The view when the fort was lighted up was amazing. Couldn't leave my camera for a minute. Daily at around 6.30pm they light up the fort. 

Finally it was time to head back to the resort, have dinner and sleep off as next day we had planned out a day trip to Ranakpur Jain Temple. 2 hours drive from the resort lies this beautiful Temple. Bhagawan Adinatha resides in the amazing marbel temple.


Spell bound carvings all around. A day well spent. Drove back to the resort and indulged in some resort fun activities. The next morning was one adventure morning. Early say by 5am we were ready for Kumbhalgarh WildLife Sanctuary. Drive down the gushing forest early morning was amazing especially in a open jeep and rocky roads.

 Though we couldn't spot any animals, but the trip was worth while. We were back to the resort in time for a good breakfast and then we headed for Shrinathji temple. A 2 hrs drive from the resort. We were blessed with nice darshan of Bhagwan and was time to head back to the resort and start packing up as next day was time to head to a day trip to Udaipur and a flight in evening back home.

Went around palace of Udaipur. Beautiful is also less said for it..


The trip did end as good things do come to an end, but the memories are still floating afresh in my mind. 

A place worth a second visit. Can't wait to plan another vacation there :) 

Monday, April 26, 2010

Go Goa.... & Bondla Experience...

Been to Goa a lot of times...but this time it was bit different. Took an noon Indigo flight to Goa. Thankfully it was on time. I always enjoyed taking snaps of clouds. So did this time too. 

Loved the view from the sky....its a bliss sight... We landed in an hours time..and straight we drove in to Club Mahindra Varca beach resort. One of their best resorts I must say. Been to their Coorg, Munnar & Kumbhalgarh resorts. But Goa happens to be one of its kind.

Club Mahindra was aweesome..they had their private entry to the Varca beach..so never bothered to venture out on other beaches as it was quite hot and humid. Food is always awesome :) A huge buffet always awaits you there. Spent the rest of the evening by the beach & clicking every shade of the sky..

Next day we headed to meet a friend of mine ...spent some good time... He only had recommended a visit to Bondla. Then headed to the most famous church St. Francis Xavier. Been there a couple of times. Feels nice when am there always..

Day ended well...Next day spent time in the resort..Booked up for a nice rejuvenating therapy at their Svaastha Spa. Felt fresh like never before :). 

The next day we headed for Bondla Sanctuary. Around 2 hours drive from Varca beach. The drive was awesome. Just wished it was some other month either September or something..it would have been more pleasant. Bondla Sanc. is located deep in the woods. Away from all the hustle bustle of the world. They have 6 cottages..which would just cost around Rs. 500 per room.

A 15 mins drive from the cottages is the main Mini Bondla Zoo... we just reached on time for the visit to their mini zoo.. it was fun... saw tigers..bears..and couple of more wild animals..

Then we headed back to your cottage..small but beautiful..


 A place disconnected from almost everything...no noise..no mobile connectivity...no TV :) 

For once I enjoyed the calmness...away from the rush of life in Mumbai..Dinner was done in a small canteen they had, where in they would cook as per our needs. Food was yumm and made in the typical village style..simple and yet yummy.

Dinner was led by a small walk in the forests of sorts... all we can hear is insects buzzing and suddenly it started raining heavily. Poured for an hour almost which help the temperature to calm down by 4-6 degrees. Then the weather was awesome. Cold winds kept flowing and can hear the trees enjoying the breeze. 

The next day...we were up early and went for another small walk where we spotted a Deer on the road. By the time we could get close..it went off back in to the woods. But the site was awesome. Had never spotted it like this before..the enthusiasm in me was just like how a kid would have.

Good things always come to an end...and so was my short holiday... It was time to head back to the airport...and a flight back to Mumbai.. 

As I am back to Mumbai now...my mind is working out another holiday plans... so typical me :)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Me & My Berry Experience...

Always been a very much of a gadget freak. Loved gizmos being around me. Initially the days when I wasnt earning that well, I remember used to save up so much for a mobile phone..that happens to be back in 1998. The moment dad realized I was saving up for a handset..he went and got me one. My very 1st Nokia 3310 [ you guys even remember how it looked :) ] 

Here's a dekho :) 

I still remember that day, he was so happy seeing me happy. As I always say..I behave like a small kid being gifted lot of toys. 

The anxiety and desperation of using it & making the first call...the feeling was awesome. Something I cant even put in words. Slowly I carved for more gadgets and always kept saving for them. Mom used to get little angry on me...she would be like save and buy some jewelry which will help you in future and not these stupid gadgets. But a brat like me never could keep her words. The want for more gadgets went on from buying my 1st digital cam. It was an intel one which can be even used as a webcam. 

Days moved on and there came mobiles with color screen. I got so tempted to upgrade and blow up the few bucks I had saved till then. One day just went ahead told my dad...I have saved up some and want to buy the new Nokia 7650... I kind of freaked out on this handset. It had a Cam..I even activated Wap. So much fun was in store..

Over the years moved on to 6600, 7610, O2,  SE P900i, HTC touch, E71...wow now when I am mentioning them I realized how much I have spent :) But no regrets. Along with mobiles I moved on from Intel digi cam to Casio and now to a Sony cyber shot DSC H2 & how can I not mention the move from iPod 30g to iPod Touch 32g. Leave aside the series of lappies in between & the gaming gadgets. 

My last handset I miss a lot is my E71. Loved it like crazy...don't ask me what happened to it :(  it fell  into the water. I  miss it so much. Then got my self a N97...looked like a good handset to me but sigh after using it for a couple of months it went cracking down on me..esp when I am tweeting so much. Had trouble multitasking with the same. I felt it was time I need a back up phone. Kept contemplating as to which handset to pick up. Was not in favor of buying another expensive handset and let it go for a toss. And after using so many handsets I knew my hand wouldn't rest on a simple one. I dint want a iPhone coz I already had a iPod Touch. So left out was a Black Berry. 

A million thanks to my sweetest twitter friends :)) My BB gang @aaroo4 @glen_dsouza  @IndianThespian @MacDeepak @princess_aanch  @SridharSuresh   @twittsan    (don't fight now...just mentioned you all in handle alpha order :p )    They finally convinced me to buy a BB. Now which one..as I already had a N97...I settled in for BB 8520. 

So convinced I was while I picked it up and all the euphoria we had over twitter about be getting one and being amonsgt them made me buy it sooner.

Though the Vodafone guys messed it up and activated it like after 24 hours. But the wait was worth it. My tweepals were awesomely sweet when I got the BIS activated. Its still a secret as to who I added first :D (sshhh am not gonna spil the beans here ) . If it wasn't this BB gang (where I was the only one not having a BB) I might have just settled in for something else and wouldn't have realize the fun which I am having now with my BB. I almost had a sleepless night..waiting to wake up and use it more and more. As I learn more about it..its more fun. Still am a novice but am just on the verge of being a pro :D 

Now I have entered a new world, a BB world...An amazing for a brat gadget freak like me. All over again thanks to  My BB gang   @aaroo4   @glen_dsouza    @IndianThespian   @MacDeepak @princess_aanch    @SridharSuresh    @twittsan. 

Without you all this BB world wouldn't have been beautiful (too much I said na haha )

Monday, April 5, 2010


Lately when I have been travelling in train in the second class compartment. I can't explain how dirty the trains are. Lacs of people travelling in them day in & day out. Today morning the whole compartment was smelling of err dont know what. Don't know who is to be blamed. The laziness in cleaning or the habit of educated people throwing things here & there.

The cleaners might do their bit of cleaning in the mornings..but it is us The Educated cream of people who messes it up more. Why can't the ladies keep the wastes of oranges etc..in their bag & throw when they get down on any station in some dustbins. Wonder what kick they get by throwing it right where they sit. Don't they feel that its like dirtying their own home?? & we blame the government for not keeping the train hygiene!

Not only trains..the story is the same everywhere. Be it roads / pavements / airports. Right from peeing on roads to throwing rubbish everywhere is a common site.. especially in a city like Mumbai. Can understand poor & uneducated people doing so..but not from others..

There is this small incident which happened with me. It clearly shows our attitude towards our Country / State / City. A friend of mine is in Merchant Navy.. that takes him around the world to the best of places. When he came down to Mumbai for a break of 3 months, we planned to meet up once. He was carrying a couple of chewing gums & a bottle of cola. We parked by a place  & sat chatting up. Just when he was done with the cola & his gum..all he did was pulled the window down & threw the cola bottle & the gums along with their wrapper just on the road. I was a little shocked to this. I am a person who can never throw anything anywhere other then bins. I couldn't resist poking him about what he did was wrong. He could easily leave the rubbish in the car & threw in a bin later.

But blunt an answer came "Idhar sab Chalta hai yaar". I was a bit taken aback. The next question I asked him was would he do the same if he was somewhere upcountry & apt the reply came.. "No Ways" & I was like why here then..&  we landed up in an unwanted argument. 

In the end it is we who make our environment dirty and blame others for it. He was a brilliant example, he takes more care of other countries streets & pavements but not the country where he was born.

Sigh! All I did to insult him was got down of the car, picked up his rubbish, kept it in the car &  threw in a bin later. 

For once we need to change our attitude & be responsible!!!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Life Then, Life Now

While I was travelling to work today morning in our very own Mumbai locals....sat by the window..staring at the life passing by...the 1/2 hr train journey got my mind in to many loops of thoughts. All about the Life today and life I lived 10 years back..

Now that I look back I get a thought that how did I survive a life without all the gadgets and luxury I have today. No doubt I was born with a golden spoon...but that never stopped me from enjoying the basics of life.. 

Those were the days when there were no mobiles but still all my friends knew my day plans and we used to meet so often though there weren't as many cafe's as there are today. Used to travel on my Kinetic or Bus or Trains...Life used to be a routine of college / work & classes... and still had time to call up friends and meet them. Clubbing over weekends...movies all weekends..life was never dull and never had a time to crib. Life was a complete fun. No tensions..beautiful relationships, amazing set of friends...No Face book ..no twitter and yet it was fun. All my friends knew where I am...how I am ...my holiday pictures are shared via actual albums..

Birthdays used to be fun.. giving treats with adjusting with the pocket money was awesome. Chipping in money for friends was fun. Watching Tv in those big and bulky tv....amazing episodes of Dekh Bhai Dekh and such ones..full of fun....wana hear music ..used to head to a store buy a cassette / CD and listen them in the walkman...

And now...hardly get time in life...a minute without the mobile is a feeling like getting a heart attack..cant even think of that..but I still talk less then the days when I dint have mobile..Used to play oodles of games and puzzles with family and friends..but now with the PSP I have..am just playing it all alone..which I have named it stress buster. Don't even know when I last visited a music store to buy a cd...all I do now is download and upload it on my Ipod Touch. With the LCDs and home theater systems..movies in theaters are rare now. Drive down to work...in the fancies of car and ac...that now even a day if I have to travel in train I am not so upbeat about it..Long distance train travel...which I used to enjoy is now more of a pain...and all I say is can't we just fly down there? 

I share my day plans, holiday plans..my mood swings all by tweeting and status messages...Other day a friend asked me where are you now and I replied "Din't you read my tweet or status message..am out on a holiday.." Aahh there were days I used to call up everyone and share my plans. 

Life has changed for good or bad don't know..without mobiles / laptops / ipods / psps / social networking sites ..life was awesome fun...din't have time to crib about life.. & now when I have all of these and much more..am cribbing more..carving for more. A day without any of these..is like a bad day for me. There are a millions of people who are not even lucky for a one time meal also and when I look at myself...why my mind is still wanting for more..

These gadget fancies are there to sort life...but I think my life is more unsorted now & guess its the same story for many of us..